【虎年限定】虎Hó年年│烏龍茶梅酒 冷變對杯禮盒

虎Hó年年│烏龍茶梅酒 冷變對杯禮盒

材    質/ Material:瓷器/ Porcelain
尺    寸/ Size : 杯 Cup Φ 72 x H 84 mm
容    量/ Capacity:155ml

形體設計/ 林慈芃
Shape designed by Julia Lin
圖騰設計/ 鄒  雲
Graphic designed by Yun Tsou

容量:500 ml   

Product Type : Reconstituted Wine
Main ingredients : Oolong tea, plum wine, plum, rice, bourbon, water
Volume : 500 ml Alcohol  Content : 13%
Bottling date : marked on the bottle  Origin : Taiwan

Manufacturer : Holy Distillery Inc.
411 Jianguo Road, Yingge District, New Taipei City
Phone : 02-86775972


山嵐氤氳佐杯美酒 繚繞壬寅虎之間。年年是好年 ~

Let’s welcome Nenyinian, the Tiger Year*¹, and enjoy good wine with delicate ceramics that are made in Yingge.To spread the legend of Yingge, then happiness and good fortune will be passed year by year.Taking a sip of wine in the midst of the mountain, there’s sweetness going around, welcome a prosper and good Tiger Year, happy every year!
*¹ Tiger and good are homophones, because both their pronunciation is Ho in Taiwanese, and it has a meaning of good year.


2022年,壬寅虎年到來,新旺集瓷與Cocera設計團隊推出新春商品[虎Hó年年 烏龍茶梅酒 冷變對杯禮盒],特別選用鶯歌在地-合力酒廠所釀製的烏龍茶梅酒,梅子的酸甜混合高山烏龍茶的回甘香氣,帶給您陶瓷故鄉獨有的泥土風味。


The Shu’s Pottery continuing deep roots in Yingge over four generations, based on the business philosophy of inheriting old wisdom and bringing new ideas, to deliver good and beautiful things, and never forget the root of Yingge, constantly promoting innovation.

2022, to welcome the Nenyinian Tiger Year, The Shu’s Pottery and design team of Cocera released Chinese New Year products – Ho Nian Nian Oolong Tea Umeshu and Color Changing Cups Set Gift Box. Specially select the Oolong Tea Umeshu from Holy Distillery, a local distillery in Yingge, it not only brings you nostalgia but also a sweet aftertaste and refreshing flavor of plum that combined with high mountain Oolong Tea.

The wine cups are Cocera color changing ceramic cups, the key vision is inspired by famous landmark, the Yingge Stone and Sanxia Yuan Mountain, the picture will be varied by temperature, just enjoy the fun when you put ice cubes and wine in cups.

波本烏龍茶梅酒製程:每年收採信義鄉青梅。梅子先洗粗鹽,加糖放入發酵桶3個月。 發酵後梅酒一部份加米燒酎蒸餾。鹿谷的烏龍茶加入蒸餾梅酒跟發酵梅酒的混合。混合的梅酒再進入波本橡木桶熟成3個月之後便可過濾裝瓶。

The green plums of Xinyi Township are harvested every year. Wash the plums with coarse salt, add sugar and put them in the fermentation tank for 3 months. After fermentation, a part of plum wine is distilled with rice shochu. Lugu’s oolong tea is added to a blend of distilled plum wine and fermented plum wine. Then the mixed plum wine is matured in Bourbon oak barrels for 3 months before being filtered and bottled.

梅酒:通寧水 = 1:1 再加冰塊。

Umeshu : Tonic Water = 1:1, then add ice cubes.


虎Hó年年 ‧ 烏龍茶梅酒 ‧ 冷變對杯禮盒

●歡迎洽詢 新旺集瓷 並前往門市購買。
●未滿十八歲禁止飲酒 ‧ 飲酒勿開車。


  1. 請勿用鋼刷或較硬材質的工具刷洗,以避免陶瓷本身及變色圖案受損。
  2. 請勿放入烤箱、微波爐及洗碗機內加熱或洗刷,以避免變色圖案受損。
  3. 請勿放入水中(或任何液體) 內浸泡或蒸煮、或放入冰箱冷凍冷藏,以避免變色圖案受損。
  4. 本商品為手工產品,杯口非100%正圓,容量與尺寸±3%內皆屬良品。
  5. 本商品若有破損,黑點、針孔等瑕疵問題,請洽本公司客服人員退換貨。
  6. 正確色彩請參考實際商品。
  7. 請勿使用此杯盛裝熱水。
  1. DO NOT clean with iron brush or cleaning utensils made of hard and solid materials  to protect the surface porceline from being  scratched.
  2. DO NOT place this cup inside microwave oven,nor dishwacher to wash clean to protect the surface of pattern from being peeled off .
  3. DO NOT place into water(or any other liquid) to soak or boil or in the refrigerator to be frozen to protect the surface of pattern from being peeled off .
  4. This merchandise is handicraft product with the mug not 100% round in shape, but for those with volume and size  within ±3% are rated as good quality.
  5. If ever there is any damage or blemish spot or pinholes, etc, please contact this company’s customer service for exchange of merchandise.
  6. For accurate coloring, please refer to the actual products of merchandise.
  7. DO NOT pour hot water into the Cup.